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  • Platypus fyke-netting guidelines

    19 November, 2015

    Fyke nets are commonly used to trap platypuses for research and monitoring. Correct set-up and monitoring of these nets is vital to ensure the safety of platypuses and other air-breathing animals that may be caught (e.g. Rakali, turtles, ducks). Fyke nets are also routinely used for fish surveys but may be deployed in different ways to catch the target species. In areas where platypuses are also present, they are sometimes captured during fish surveys and so must be considered when conducting this research.

    We worked closely with biologists from the Australian Platypus Conservancy, the Bureau of Animal Welfare, and fish biologists from DELWP and other research organisations to develop standardised guidelines for the use of fyke nets to ensure the safety of platypuses (and other aquatic fauna) during all research activities. Wildlife research is vital to understand how human activities are impacting species and how we can improve management of our environment to maintain biodiversity. However, any research activities should be designed to minimise the impact on the target species and any other species that may be disrupted. 



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